Having worked with hundreds of students in the past few years, we’ve noticed that many P4 students do not cope well when they progress to P5.

This is because the P5 level covers a much heavier syllabus, incorporating even a lot more challenging and non-routine problem sums. Some students might find adjusting from the P4 to the P5 level overwhelming. Hence, we are conducting a head start workshop specially designed to help current P4 students on their transition to the next level.

This school break, give your child a boost and help kickstart his/her jump to the P5 level with confidence and stronger stamina to master tough Math questions through Math Accelerator P5 Head Start Programme!

P5 Headstart Programme

The P5 Headstart Programme is a 3-day x 3hr (9hr) introductory programme to equip current Primary 4 students going onto Primary 5 in 2018 with the important strategies to solve challenging and non-routine questions that commonly appear in Primary 5 Mathematics exam papers.

The strategies taught would cut across several key topics such as (1) Advance Model drawing, (2) Units and Parts (3) Remainder Concept (4) Guess and Check and Listing, (5) Repeated Identity, (6) Single Unchanged, (7) Total Unchanged, (8) Constant Difference, (9) Equal fractions, (10) Grouping.


Duration: 3 days x 3hrs (9hr)
Levels: Primary 4 (2017)

Run 1 : 20th to 22nd Nov (Mon to Wed), 2 pm to 5 pm

Run 2 : 29th Nov to 1st Dec (Wed to Fri), 10am – 1pm

Run 3 : 27th to 29th Dec (Wed to Fri), 10am – 1pm


1 Marine Parade Central, #12-03 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408


 Standard : $ 350

Festive Offer : $ 300 (valid till 26 Dec)



Mr Chris Siew is our chief trainer. He is an educator with more than 15 years experience in the education sector. He was an education offider under the Ministry of Education for 13 years. As Head of Department for ICT, he has led and implemented numerous learning innovation projects that seek to enhance students' learning.

He is also the creator of the "SCORE" system, a unique and effective learning system that has helped students improve their performance in 60 days or less.


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P5 2018 Headstart Programme

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